About Citipointe live

Citipointe Live is compiled from members of the local church worship team. Members that week in and week out show their commitment and love for God and people through serving in the many services across multiple locations.

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Aaron Lucas

Aaron Lucas, a man after God’s own heart, is the Worship Pastor of Citipointe Church, alongside his wife Becky.  He is an accomplished Songwriter of songs such as You Reign (2007), Commission my Soul (2009), Higher Wider Deeper (2011) and an experience Producer.  He has a desire to inspire the global Church to know why they do what they do in worship and release people into greatness. He strongly believes in the church being Jesus’ hands and feet to care for the lost, the broken and the hurting of this world.

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Becky Lucas

Becky Lucas carries a innate desire to see people everywhere meeting intimately with God unrestricted by limitations or boundaries. Her love for God and people drives her to pursue quality and excellence in creating such atmospheres while inspiring others to greater heights in their unique calling. Alongside her husband Aaron, she is the Worship Pastor at Citipointe Church and has a real and down to earth approach to life and ministry. Becky understands that to fulfil God’s calling one must first be able to see themselves the way God sees them.  She actively lives out of that truth while inspiring others to do the same.

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Joel Ramsey

Joel Ramsey is a man making his mark on the next generation. The third child of Senior Pastors Mark & Leigh Ramsey of Citipointe Church, Joel & his wife Savannah believe in inspiring and challenging second generational Christians to not become complacent but to actively pursue an in depth relationship with Jesus Christ. He has a passion for song writing, (songs such as El Shaddai - 2012 - and Three Nails -2009) worship and a deep desire to see people people live in the true freedom that Jesus Christ paid for on the cross. Joel believes in an incredible and loving God, who hates injustice, is full of grace and is consumed by love.

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Chardon Lewis

Singing and performing since 13 years of age, Chardon Lewis immediately captivates audiences with his soulful sounds and vocal ability. Being both Assistant Worship Pastor and Young Adults Pastor at Citipointe Church, alongside his wife Jasmine, Chardon is also a recognised songwriter of such songs as Name of Jesus (2008), Dominion (2011)  and Emmanuel – God With Us (2012).  He has a great passion to inspire both young people and creative teams to pursue excellence in using the gifts that God has given them and to actively develop and live out of an intimate relationship with God.

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Beau Lamshed

Beau lives to make famous the name of Jesus Christ in the cause of the local church. His passion is to see to the church be the shining light it is called to be and to empower the next generation into the call that God has on their life. He is a devoted songwriter and musician who has written songs such as In The Highest (2011) and Hold Me Now (2013.) Beau oversees all musicians at Citipointe Church Brisbane.  His heart is to see people unmistakably encounter the reality of Christ through music then inspiring them to change their world for good and for God.

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Jess Steer

Jess has a unique and anointed ability to lead cross-generationally and has an acute sensitivity to usher in the Spirit of God and what He wants to do. She is a passionate worship leader and has a heart to see people enter into God's presence. The authority that Jess carries is a true testimony of her devotion and pursuit of a personal relationship with her Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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